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  • Mortgage lending hits highest level since October 2008

    The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) has today announced that recent mortgage lending in now the highest its been in almost 5 years, and both I and the local property market can certainly confirm this with record numbers of sales and mortgage applications. The CML estimates that total gross mortga...
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  • Interest only product from Clydesdale

    The Clydesdale bank are about to launch a new interest only mortgage which will revert to a repayment mortgage after 3 years. Full details are not out yet, but this will allow people the opportunity to keep outgoings low for another 3 years, then reverting to a repayment basis so that they know thei...
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  • Family Springboard 95% Mortgage from Barclays

    The new Family Springboard 95% Mortgage from Barclays provides a competitive 3year fixed rate mortgage at 4.69% with just a 5% deposit, but also requires a family member to deposit 10% of the purchase price into a linked Barclays savings account for that 3year period, earning interest at BBR + 1.5%....
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  • Thank you

    Lovely to arrive at work on a wet, cold and miserable Monday morning and find a box of chocolates, bottle of champagne and card, which read: “Thank you so very much for all your help in getting us our lovely new house. We could never have done it without your help, even when you were on holiday you...
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  • The ideal financial make up

    Mortgage – affordable monthly payments and with equity in the property, minimum 10% equity. Credit cards – cleared in full every month. Credit card debt is expensive and should be used in emergencies only. Loans – taken where essential only and paid on time via direct debit (much better...
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  • Interest only no more

    I feel it is just a matter of time before interest only mortgages are phased out altogether (for residential mortgages, not buy to lets) which is a terrible restriction on our freedom to manage our finances. Fair enough for high Loan To Value (LTV) mortgagees, where building up some equity is impor...
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  • Criteria tightens even further!

    In the last 2 months I have directed an employee of HSBC to HSBC to request a mortgage, however they refused to lend sufficient funds, despite being an employee and only wanting 4x income and with good credit score, no other credit commitments etc. I have also sent another client to HSBC who again d...
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  • EU Gender Directive – act now ladies!

    “From December 2012 the EU Gender Directive will mean that women must pay the same as mend for life cover – an increase of up to 15%*” So the advice is, apply now before the rates go up! *HMRC Consultation Document, December 2011: UK response to the 1 March European Court of Justice ruling th...
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