March 2011

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  • First time buyers given a helping hand

    First time buyers were thrown a lifeline by George Osborne in the budge in the shape of a £250m assisted deposit scheme for new homes. The First Buy scheme will be open to those with a household income of less than £60,000 a year who can put down a 5% deposit on a brand new home. Those who qualify...
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  • Time for the self employed to start paying tax

    Unfortunately, if you’re self employed, and you want a mortgage, you’re going to have to start paying more tax. People who are self employed use accountants to reduce their declared income and minimize their tax liability, however now all income has to be proved, the declared income needs to be inc...
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  • C&G pull out of the intermediary market

    Diappointing news today that Lloyds Banking Group have decided to withdraw C&G from the intermediary market, they will continue as a brand in the “direct to customers” channel, for the time being anyway. It’s a real shame as they were a good lender with various idiosyncrasies in their criteria...
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